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Alpaca fiber requires only minimal maintenance. To keep all of its self-cleaning properties, ventilate your comforter frequently. Washing with water is prohibited.
Entrust your duvet to a professional for a biennial interview.
To clean a stain (in local treatment only), use vinegar water or a detergent for delicate laundry. Clean gradually.

Our values

Our products are designed with respect for the well-being of animals, nature and people.
For their comfort, our alpacas are mowed in spring before the arrival of hot weather. Painless, mowing only lasts a few minutes.

Why choose alpaca wool?

Alpaca fiber is a rare and sought-after wool with excellent thermal insulation power, which allows the use of a single duvet throughout the year. It is a naturally hypoallergenic fiber with hygroscopic properties, that is to say that it wicks away moisture.
If you are looking for the ideal duvet whatever the season to always join Morphée serenely, alpaca wool is for you!
Alpaca wool has nothing to envy of duck or goose down, with equivalent or better insulation indices thanks to its lightness. No more heavy wool comforters with uncomfortable rigidity, alpaca fiber will offer you the ultimate luxury of a duvet that is both light and insulating, comfort as a bonus.

Which duvet cover to choose in addition to my duvet?

We hope to soon be able to provide you with the most suitable bed linen for our products, while waiting for the rule to follow is simple: in order to preserve the excellent virtues of alpaca wool it is advisable to use a duvet cover in natural textile. Satin or cotton percale are perfect, you can also use warmer materials like silk in winter, and lighter materials like linen in summer.
Do not use synthetic materials, this would decrease your experience of our duvets.

How to maintain my Le Chardon quilt?

Washing your alpaca comforter with water will inevitably cause the wool to felt and make it unusable. Don’t worry, alpaca wool is self-cleaning and the air circulates well, which means that frequent ventilation is enough to keep your duvet clean. In the event of an accident, it is possible to use a damp cloth for local treatment. You can also use vinegar water for greater efficiency.
If the accident is major, a gentle dry cleaning program by a professional is recommended.

Small amounts of wool are leaking from my duvet, is this normal?

Our quilts are all natural, which is why we don’t use chemically sealed textile envelopes to keep the fiber inside the quilt. We have studied our cotton so that its mesh is as tight as possible without altering the characteristics of alpaca wool. We all have a different way of sleeping, and some will see tiny amounts of wool coming out of their quilts, while others won’t. Do not worry if this happens to you it is a natural phenomenon which varies in intensity depending on the sleeper, and which was taken into account when designing our duvets.

If you are looking for a high quality natural duvet designed with animal welfare in mind, our duvets are waiting for you!

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