100% Alpaca Quilt Duvet 200/200



Duvet 200/200

The Duvet

Naturally hypoallergenic, thermoregulatory and breathable.
Le Chardon duvets are ideal for a refreshing sleep.
They will not give you time to count the sheep.

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100% alpaca duvet - 400g/m²

For a Single Bed 90cm wide

For a Double Bed from 140cm to 160cm wide

For a Double Bed from 160cm to 180cm wide

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Free delivery throughout Europe in 5 days.

All our products are handcrafted, so some irregularities inherent in manual work may appear. If you think your duvet has a defect, contact us.

We will do our best to accommodate your request.

If your duvet does not suit you, you have 30 days to return it to us. We will proceed with the exchange or full refund depending on the case. All products must be returned in their original packaging and condition.

The Benefits


To resist the wide temperature ranges of the Andean plateau (from -25° to 35° C), the alpaca evolved a very fine fiber (12μ to 25μ) pierced by microscopic air pockets. This results in a duvet wool with thermoregulating properties, which adapts to your temperature for optimal comfort during your sleep.


Unlike sheep wool, alpaca wool is chemical-freeand does not contain lanolin (water-repellent wax). Therefore, allergens do not infiltrate the duvet, making it an ideal choice for people suffering from asthma or allergies, aswell as for babies.


The alpaca fiber offers a very high control of humdity, keeping you dry and cool in the summer.


Le Chardon wool does not receive any chemical treatment, ever.


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