The Alpacas

The setting of a natural treasure

The alpaca is a sweet and
sociable creature.
Our herd lives freely and comfortably. They are examined regularly by animal health professionals specialised in the care of camelids.

The quality of the fiber is controlled daily, as it grows into a big and fluffy wool when the Polish winter comes.
We choose to shear our alpacas in the Spring, to prepare them for the Summer temperatures.
The close proximity of the herd and the workshop ensures the highest standard of quality control in terms of well-being of the animal and in the craft of all Le Chardon products.

The Wool

Health concerns, comfort standards regarding bedding solutions and the awareness of environmental balance.

Le Chardon alpaca wool provides unparalleled health benefits compared to other bedding solutions. We propose products which answer perfectlyto both the demand for high-end bedding comfort and allergy-related concerns.


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