From breeding to clothing there is only one step

Six kilometers to be exact

The Workshop

Once harvested in our meadows and according to our own methods, the wool is first cleaned by hand, in order to remove the impurities accumulated during the year.

Then it is washed with natural soaps, rinsed and dried slowly. Once clean, the wool is selected to keep only the best fibers and then it is carded mechanically. Still in our workshops, this cloud of wool is then slipped between two cotton cloths and then it is held in place in its envelope by a quilting process.

The quilting

The quilting of Le Chardon duvet is delicately made to guarantee a perfect balance in the structure of the duvet, as well as to ensure that all the benefits of the alpaca fiber are felt.

In collaboration with Italian artisans, we developped a special breathing percale to adapt to the specificities of alpaca wool. It recieved the label «Oeko Tex 100» (Categorie I, newborns).


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